Official Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1

This is the limited Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 edition, the last hurrah before we will see the successor to the 599 at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year. Ferrari launches the special 60 Years of Victories in Formula 1 (60F1) package for the most powerful car of its entire range: the HGTE version of the 599 GTB.

The package celebrates the first ever victory in the Formula World Championship by Froilan Gonzalez and the 375 F1 in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Sixth years later, Fernando Alonso gave the Scuderia its first victory of the season aboard the Ferrari 150° Italia.

Based on the 599 GTB with the HGTE Package you get reduced body roll for a stiffer ride, sharper cornering and less understeer, a greater sense of compactness that doesn’t excessively impact on driving comfort, increased responses to driver commands and an improved road-holding combined with easy control.

Part of the tailor made programme is that the 60F1 will have modifications to both the car’s exterior and cabin with detailing, colours and materials inspired by Gonzalez’s and Alonso’s cars. The exterior is available in three different liveries:

375 F1 Livery: The same red as clothed Froilan Gonzalez’s 375 F1 is used. This is a historic red used by the Scuderia for its very first Formula 1 cars. Its darker pastel tone gives the car a compact and sporty look.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 01

Ferrari 150° Italia Livery: this car has the Scuderia 2011 red livery used for Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari 150° Italia. The exterior also features Formula 1 white on the lower part of the front bumpers and mudguards, bonnet, A-posts and buttresses. The tricolour featured on the spoiler of the F150 is also represented on the rear.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 02

Ferrari 150° Italia 2 Livery: the car is painted in the Scuderia 2011 red used on Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari 150° Italia. In this version, however, white is used only on the lower part of the bumpers and there is no tricolour at the rear.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 04

The exterior features shared by all of the versions are Scuderia Ferrari shield on front wheel arches painted as per competition cars, Satin-finish aluminium fuel cap, and 20 inch diamond-finish forged wheel rims.

The cabin also takes its inspiration from details of both Alonso and Gonzalez’s cars. The seats are by Sabelt in the European version and Recaro in the American version. They feature an innovative technical material known as Superfabric. This is similar to Formula 1 and makes for optimal grip. The seats are upholstered in black Alcantara and the Scuderia Ferrari logo is stitched onto the headrests.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 06

The four-point safety harnesses are in the Red and Blue specified by FIA for the 2010-2011 Formula 1 Championship. For all those markets where four-point safety harnesses cannot be homologated three points red safety harnesses are offered.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 05

Aluminium was used in Gonzalez’s car and Alutex trim on the dashboard. Alutex is an innovative material made of metallic fibres and fibreglass. It is both extremely tough and light. The Alutex has been given a matt finish that highlights its texture whilst preventing any glare issues. The cabin is also trimmed in lightweight, technical materials: black Alcantara and technical fabrics.

The dashboard will also sport a special silver plaque commemorating 60 years of Ferrari victories in Formula 1 and featuring the signatures of Froilan Gonzalez and Fernando Alonso.

Official Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 07


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