McLaren MP412C Production Restarts

CarsUK are reporting that deliveries of McLaren Automotive’s MP4-12C supercar have restarted. Deliveries of the McLaren had been halted back in October after owners of the initial production models reported a wide range of minor glitches. Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive Executive Chairman, addressed these issues in a letter and promised that they would be fixed as soon as possible.

We’re now told that the necessary firmware and hardware fixes have been made available and deliveries will now restart. Cars are now being delivered to dealerships and we’re told through McLarenLife, that the Paris dealership received two new cars yesterday destined for French customers. The latest firmware update, apparently known as 8.2 fixes known problems relating to the battery drainage issue and over sensitive fault sensors.

There is bad news though. Previous updates for the MP4-12C have taken up to 16 hours to complete. For the 8.2 update, one English owner was quoted three days for the dealership to apply the necessary modifications. Either way though, we’re happy to see these cars reaching their new owners.

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