Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe

Xenatec, the company behind the Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupé, was placed into liquidation back in October. Recently, the liquidator appointed to manage the dying companies affairs, Holger Blümle of Schultze & Braun, revealed that there has been little interest in the company. The company’s remaining 21 employees have recently had their contracts terminated, another 47 employees left the company after the initial liquidation announcement.

Xenatec came into being in 2009 as an off-shoot from the Heilbronn-based company Thyssen-Krupp Drauz Nothelfer. They rose to fame with the Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupé, a planned limited edition coupé based on the ailing Maybach platform. A number of car were produced and delivered to customers. However, the company hit problems this year and in October, had to enter liquidation. It’s alleged that bad management decisions, supply problems and high production costs were the cause of this.

Road Test Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe in Monaco 01

Only eight cars were completely finished by the company, these went onto customers in Dubai, Germany and Switzerland and have been spotted on the roads over the summer. The liquidator says that three Maybach Coupé’s remain unfinished. They are looking for a buyer, but at £ 800,000, it doesn’t hold out much hope.

Xenatec had similarly ambitious plans for their future products. These included a shooting break Aston Martin DB9, a stretched four-seater Audi R8 and a two-door Mercedes-Benz CLS convertible. Not only did they produce the Maybach Coupé, they also focused on armored luxury cars for the rich and famous.

A deadline has been set for the end of November. If a serious buyer is not found by then, the company will enter bankruptcy and cease to exist. Ultimately, it was an ambitious project but we doubt whether we will see anymore Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupé’s.

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