BMW Develops Laser Headlights

Remember the news that BMW was developing laser lighting? The German company will introduce this efficient and powerful form of lighting within the next two or three years.

The laser headlights is developed by BMW and Japanese company Nichia. According to Inside Line, the technology is ready for production and waiting for the correct application. The technology made its first public appearance on the i8 supercar, but laser lighting might even enter the market before that model.

Laser lighting has various advantages above LED lighting. According to BMW, laser is 1,000 times brighter and 100 times smaller than the traditional square cells used in LEDs. Without the need for traditional headlights, the design and styling of the cars could be altered in a dramatic way. Another main advantage of laser lighting technology is efficiency. Laser is twice as efficient as an equivalent LED system and has a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

According to BMW the laser light is not dangerous because the light beams are not emitted directly. Instead the light will be converted into a very bright and light beam which won’t blind drivers on the other side of the road. Instead, the white light will be pleasant for the eye.

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