Maserati is trying to extend its sales in the years to come. Three new models are planned to ensure the goals are reached. The models will share parts with Chrysler and include a SUV derived from the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the successor to the Quattroporte and a brand new mid-range sedan. They will not be “rebranded” like Lancia. Each model has a different body, interior, suspension setup and dedicated engine.

The first step will be revealed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, where Maserati will present a prototype of their new SUV. The Maserati SUV will be built in the US on the same frame as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sales are expected to begin in late 2013. As for the engines, recent rumors suggest the use of the 6.4 Hemi V8 producing 465hp. This is the same engine currently used in the SRT8. A Diesel version is being considered.


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  1. A SUV from a sportscar maker is just a No-Go! I bet it will look like the Cayenne and that is IMO one of the most hideous cars ever.


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