Car Crash 18-Year-Old Wrecks Mercedes-Benz E350 Convertible

The following car crash happened about a week ago in Ditzingen in the district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A 18-year old son took daddy’s new Mercedes-Benz E350 convertible for a joyride with his three friends and crashed it at around 150km/h. His three friends died while the driver survived. Severely injured the firefighters rescued him from the wreckage.

According to the report, the youngster drove more than twice as fast. In a long right-hander he lost control. The car sped out of the curve, broke through a fence and a hedge. It hurled across a parking lot, and slamed into a building – six meters high.

The father is an employee of the local Daimler factory and the son did not have a driver’s license.

Car Crash 18-Year-Old Wrecks Mercedes-Benz E350 Convertible 01


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  1. R.I.P. :(
    It always makes me sad and yet very angry when people die and the guy who is responsible for the crash and the deaths survives.
    Unfortunately you can get prisoned if you don’t help when you witness something like that but I would leave him to die and try to help everybody else who didn’t cause the crash but were affected by it.

  2. this accident recall a very sad memory to me, I lost my 2 cousins and the driver still alive, :((

    my deepest condolences to the families


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