A matte black Gumpert Apollo Speed crashed at the Nurburgring today. Gumpert was at the Nurburgring to try and improve the 7 minute 11 second lap time set in 2009 with the Gumpert Apollo Speed. According to Bridgetogantry Adrian Sutil was behind the wheel of the Apollo Speed and he spun and crashed into the barrier shortly after entering the track from the T13 pitlane. Adrian got away with only a bruised ego while the carbon fiber body of the Gumpert Apollo Speed needs some extensive repairs.

The Gumpert Apollo Speed wasn’t the only Gumpert at the Nurburgring track today. In total there were four Gumpert Apollo’s at the Ring including this yellow one:

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. Why the hell European supercar makers always use a**holes for test drivers?American cars will keep on beating with their professional drivers until somebody in Ferrari says:<>! Wake up! Lambo Murcielago SV is a 100 times faster than a Corvette ZR1 but putting a worthless driver behind the wheel is not a way to beat it.Porsche for example thought once to not put Walter Rohl for a lap in the GT2RS and what happened?The GT2RS is now one of the fastest production cars,while the Carrera GT with Walter is somewhere at the bottom of the lap times.


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