Video Ferrari F430 Spider Burns Rubber at Parking

Yesterday YouTube and Bullrun participant SpeedRacer38 had the opportunity of shooting this Ferrari F430 Spider doing some insane donuts and drifting. The owner started with a brand new set of tires and burned all the rubber off. Even though this isn’t the first time the owner drifts his prancing horse, he almost hits a street light.

According to SpeedRacer38, he used to drive rally cars in Europe and is a huge fan of Ken Block and everything Ken Block does for the rally sport community in the United States. He even wants to meet him, so if you can arrange that let us or him know via the comment box below.

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  1. Just to make this clear:K.Block is a huge jerkoff,he has nothing to do with rallying at all.Last year he participated in a few races,so did Raikonen,Block could barely pull out a few points while Raikonen was ages ahead.He doesnt know what is a victory in a international competition is,the only thing he does is donuts in asphalt using a WRC modified Ford and then everyone goes like <.An advertisment whore,DC and Monster energy drinks have become hes second skin.Professional rally driver?Never. Amateur stuntman?propably.

  2. @Alex: You can see Ken Block as an Ambassador for the sport. He might not be the best driver but he brings a lot of new people to the rally events.

  3. @Turboman:partly i agree.Rally has gone down hard over the last years and fresh blood is always welcome.What i cant stand is K.Blocks name put in to the same phrases with legends like W.Rohl and T.Makinen,and so i repeat:Stuntmen differ from rally drivers,at all scales.


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