Brabus SLR Parking Garage

Thanks to our friends over at Jalopnik we’re able to show you a video what happens when you let an idiot near a Brabus-tuned McLaren SLR in a parking garage. Luckily nobody was hurt but as you’ll see below, the whole idea was very nearly a recipe for disaster.

SLR Brabus

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  1. does anyone have the contact info for the paris police? I imagine brabus SLR roadsters in matt black with red and black interiors are quite rare in france.

  2. I have seen some crazy videos with idiots driving but I think this tops them all. I hope this guy gets arrested, and gets his license taken away.

  3. I was cringing waiting for the childs head to bounce of the windscreen the screetch of tires and the screams… what a dick.

    Did he pick up a rentboy?? Sounded like the passenger was being jerked off now thats just wrong too!


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