Goodwood 2011 Cartier Style Et Luxe

Each year on the lawns adjacent to Goodwood house, the Carlier ‘Style et Luxe’ Concours d’Elegance displays some of the world’s most exclusive motor cars, each famed for its extravagant styling or exquisite finish. This year it was no different with unique, rare and unusual beasts.

On the lawn we spotted vehicles like the Bugatti EB110 GT, Koenigsegg CCX, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and an extensive line-up of the legendary Jaguar E-Type models. Jaguar celebrated 50 years of Britain’s best-loved sports car at Goodwood 2011.

Unveiled exactly 50 years ago at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, the E-Type quickly became the epitome of 1960s cool, as well as establishing an enviable record on the racing circuits of the world, including Goodwood. At the Festival of Speed, the E-Type’s 50th birthday was marked with an original ‘Central Feature’ installation as a tribute to the motoring icon.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 1

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