Top Gear Korea follows the local spin-offs of TV hit series Top gear in Australia and the United States. In August 2011 South Korea will see the first season of 13 episodes of Top Gear Korea.

The show will be hosted by former professional racing driver Kim Jin-Pyo, car and bike enthusiast Kim Kap-Soo, and celebrity racing circuit member Yeon Jung-Hoon. Planned for an August premiere on a channel called XTM, the 13 episodes will feature their own Stig and challenges such as a race against the KTX bullet train and a journey from Seoul to the port city of Busan.

[Via Finalgear]

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  1. I love how they made the Cayman V8 LOL Only in Korea. And USA. I still remember how the put Gallardo V10 noise over V12 Diablo in ‘A team’ the movie.

  2. A PR manager for a major manufacturer once told me that they are really scared when some of the Asian press comes over to test their cars, because a lot of them can’t drive well in a normal car, let alone in a supercar.

  3. Joke, it’s like everyone’s gonna have their own Top Gear. The ORIGINAL Top Gear is never going to die off ( unless one of them does ). Can’t the Koreans just focus on getting rid of the north?


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