Video EVO Tests McLaren MP4-12C Against Its Toughest Rivals

And so it became 3 – 1 for the Ferrari 458 Italia. EVO Magazine has made it 3 – 1 during their test of the MP4-12C against three of its toughest rivals; the Ferrari 458 Italia, Noble M600 and Porsche 911 Turbo S.

In three single videos you will see a drag race and flying laps of the different sports cars. EVO’s Nick Thrott, Harry Metcalfe, Roger Green and Andy Wallace talk you through the story and the three clips.

McLaren MP4-12C lap time

Ferrari 458 Italia lap time

Noble M600 lap time

That is 1:20.6 for the MP4-12C and 1:19.3 for the 458 Italia. 1.3 seconds faster! In a straight line the McLaren will smash almost any sports car, but on a high speed lap the Ferrari wins with ease.

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  1. And the best thing about this test is that there is drag and track times and the Ferrari in both of them is the same car (look close the number plate). So no more speaking trash about factory tuned cars and stuff. Ferrari 458 Italia is faster than McLaren MP4-12C period! Big fail for McLaren. All that claims that Ron Dennis made that their car is better in any aspect. And all that technology they put into it. All that to make lighter and more powerful car slower than year and a half older less technological car!

  2. Somehow embedding is not working at this moment. I will leave the vids in the story until it works well and/or is being enabled by EVO. For the time being visit the link of EVO magazine and check out the videos on the website of EVO.

  3. Wow………can’t believe the lighter and boosted with way more torque MP4-12C got beat by the 458 on a track. Go 458 go!!

  4. Wow the big shock was… that Nobles rubbish LOL i was expecting it to win all the tests!

    Ferrari could still be tuned, they just used one car and set it up for the track. I wouldnt be saying this of course… but ive heard.. ferrari have a record of tuning cars and cheating in tests!

    Still who cares once that 458 started up the noise alone won. And its the best looking too imho.

  5. 0-60: the noble has no technology in there and its still manual transmission so it would be tougher around a track…i think it still did amazing. great looking car as well.

    AND, gotta love the 458…keep it up Ferrari.

  6. Chris said it, the Noble’s old school manual tranny really killed it. The 458 look noticeably lower then a stock one on the front end, it is definitely tweated. But either way, the 458 wins in looks and sounds……….that is the point of exotic cars. Speed is secondary….or is just bragging rights.

  7. When Tiff Needell and Jason Plato say that they don’t like the car, that hurts McLaren’s sales a lot more than a few seconds on a track.
    Chris Harris quite liked it, now I wonder what Clarkson will say…

  8. Guys, 1.3 seconds can’t be achieved with lower front end. This is huge advantage. The only way that I can think of is if the Ferrari is with stickier tyres.

  9. Maybe a lower tuned suspension alone wouldnt account for the difference but a lot more bhp would, shame i thought ferrari might have learnt after Chris gave them a bashing. They dont need to tune/lower their cars… or maybe they do after the bashing the McLarens getting for coming second… its all about the money.

    And thats assuming the Mclaren is stock. It isnt slow in a straight line. After Tiff and Platos verdict i wouldnt want a Mclaren even if it was faster round a track tbh. Just watching the Evo videos it felt more exciting just sitting in the ferrari and that was on a video! Cant wait till they show us the 458 spyder!

  10. @0-60, a lot more bhp wouldn’t place the Ferrari 3rd on the drag. And the only way to extract more bhp by only tuning the stock car is by remaping the ECU. And this alone can’t extract much more power. To make that difference they need induction, exhaust and timing changes. All things that you make in a garage not by laptop. And again if the Ferrari was much more powerful than stock, the drag race would’ve be with totally different outcome.

  11. Yeah your right good points! Although if that car is really lower than stock, wouldnt that have been done in a garage too? Autocar say its the turbo lag on the Mclaren that lets it down on the track, which would explain it being faster in a drag and not on the track.

  12. We can only speak empty talks here and speculate. But if you ask me the McLaren is slower ’cause you can’t turn off the stability control completely and because of that new suspension. If it was with good old fashioned sway bars and without any electronics that cuts off power or engages brakes to gain stability it’ll be much faster. Just my opinion though.


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