McLaren MP4-12C Stars in BBC TV Show 'Made in Britain' Tonight

McLaren Automotive and the new MP4-12C are staring in a major new BBC series that begins tonight, Monday 20th June, at 21:00 GMT on BBC2.

‘Made in Britain’ hosted by Dragons’ Den and Radio 4 Today programme host, Evan Davis, features the MP4-12C as an indicator of the sort of high-technology innovation, and McLaren as the sort of company, that will support economic growth in the UK. Evan Davis finds out just how good the new McLaren MP4-12C is as it gets put through its paces on a racetrack.

A trailer for the programme can be shown here, but only if you are from the UK.

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  1. Somehow he could be The Stig :) Especially if you compare the way he drives the MP4-12C on the Top Gear test track with the way he drove that BMW M3 Competition package in Season 16…


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