Corvette ZR1 around Nürburgring

Back in 2008 the Corvette ZR1 amazed us all with a record lap of 07:26:40 at the Nürburgring. It even surprised the deemed invincible Porsches.

Today, the US sports car returned to the famed German track to test the 2012 ZR1 model. The latest version of the ZR1 achieved a positive difference of seven seconds, a stunning result. The new record time for the ZR1 is now set at 07:19:63. Enjoy the video!

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  1. This is amazing! I saw 1.5G continuous acceleration in some turns. I still hate the pushrod V8 and the leaf springs, but this is truly amazing! Great car, or should I say great tyres :D

  2. I think some “street legal” Ferrari FXX Evoluzione sets new record in Nordschleife. If someone owner go to drive there.

  3. Just think, if Mero(chassis engineer) wasn’t driving and a professional was driving…think of what the ZR1 could accomplish. Mero’s a great driver but I would like to see a professional in there.


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