Video How Close Can You Park Next to an Enzo

Did you ever park your car next to hypercar? No? In London you may have a chance to come across numerous exclusive supercars while parking your ‘precious’ station car or MPV.

Same happened to this person when he or she tried to park a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon with parking sensors in front of a Ferrari Enzo. So what do you think? How close can this Mercedes get to the nose of this black Ferrari Enzo?

If you want to know the answer, check out the footage below.

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  1. I would go punch that guy in the face if that were my in Enzo. There is no need to park that close, Not only that now the Enzo is blocked in.

  2. @Jordan
    I don’t want to be a d!ck but tell me why would you punch that guy? There is a parking space and Mercedes owner is trying to fit his car over there. There is good 50cm behind the Enzo. And if you got a problems with maneuvers there are 2 simple solutions. Park somewhere else next time or buy a smaller car. Smart or Fiat 500.

  3. i dont see the problem…theres enough space for the ferrari and huge space behind the car. anyone who doesnt know how to get a car out of this should train parking in berlin… ;)


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