Video Chasing The Dragon Hill Climb in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup

Our brand new video of the day is this clip from the 2011 SCCA Chasing the Dragon Hill Climb in Robinsville NC. The car is a 2009 Grand-Am Porsche GT3 cup driven by Cory Friedman. The team is Autometrics Motorsports.

The run you will see in the footage, is the new course record of 1.54.7. The sports car was outfitted with Hoosier R80/R100 slicks.

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  1. Are you the racer or him? No point of up shift for so short distance, better to bounce it on the limiter for 10 meters before braking.

  2. Whoops, I meant Kris.
    F1 drivers can easily make 100 shifts per lap. Staying in one gear for that long due to being lazy can cost you 1-2 seconds per lap.

  3. In Formula 1 they set up the gearing to every track so there is no way up shift to be needed just before braking point. On the video the gearbox is not matched to the road and this is actually quite hard on a hill climb events. The best way when the gearing doesn’t matches is not to up shift just before braking. You won’t lose any time, actually you can win a bit.

  4. funny how this guy keeps constantly jerking the steering wheel : unefficient and/or not useful.
    his racing lines were also very weird and he nearly went off the road at one point… looks like he discovered the track and the car.
    well. At last he’s got the money to race a great car !


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