Lamborghini Gallardo SE Twin-Turbo Project by Bradan - Part 2

Following our first and initial post about the Lamborghini Gallardo SE Twin-Turbo Project by US car specialist Bradan we can now share the second part of the develoment. The gallery below shows a few pictures explaining the turbo kit layout.

From the cad data they have designed the final components to the turbo package. From the first four images you can see the OEM intake locations remained to provide the turbos consistently with fresh air. Bradan manufactured an intake system from pre-preg carbon fiber for increased strength and low weight. Once air enters the turbos and is compressed it goes into the intake plenum. They incorporated a liquid cooled intercooler that all air is forced to pass through before entering the engine.

Secondly, the engine was removed and stripped to a bare block to reverse engineer the internal assemble. Bradan will inspect all of the internal engine components to identify potential weak points and start the rebuild of the engine setup as soon as they have all the information and parts to do so.

Stay tuned for more from Bradan in the upcoming days.

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