‘Bling’ is defined as flamboyant or ostentatious showiness and this Lamborghini Gallardo sure fits this definition.

The Italian sportcar received an ‘upgrade’ consisting of flashy bodyparts, a new grille and huge glitzy rims. As a finishing touch the name ‘Lamborghini’ is enhanced at the front, while at the rear ‘Gallardo’ is placed to emphasize the bling of the car.

What do you think, is this overkill or not?

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  1. Okey the rims are a little tasteless but not an overkill. It would be too easy to get to “overkill” section with this. This is just a mild effort :D

  2. Overkill² Looks so cheap and the rims just finish it off. Don’t know from what gheddo this car is but would the owner mind taking it back there and never show it again? Thank you.

  3. hahhahaha he put those little stick on vents behind the front wheels. This dude has definetly fallen into some money very recently, gotta be a lottery winner or somthing along those lines.

  4. Horrendous! Being that this utterly sad version of an Italian masterpiece has FL plates, who owns this rubbish…a rapper, a professional athlete, just someone with a total lack of taste in accessories. I think I just threw up a little…


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