The Ferrari 599XX is the hardcore version of the 599 GTB. The 599XX was built by Ferrari as a ‘rolling laboratory’ for developing future road cars. Initially the car was only available for the companies most loyal and demanding customers, but now there is one for sale.

The 599XX is powered by an upgraded 6.0 liter V12 which provides 700 horsepower at 9,000rpm. To make this car more suitable for the track, the engine and body received massive weight savings while via improved aerodynamics the downforce was increased.

The Ferrari 599XX has completed the Nordschleife circuit at the in a time of 6 minutes and 58.16 seconds – the second fastest time ever recorded for a production-derived sports car at the time.

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  1. No thanks Fico, the FXX is ugly and I bet slower than the 599XX and even when it’s slower, IMO it is so much better looking. I would buy it if I could ;)

  2. Definitely alll about the 599xx and the way Ferrari designed a way for the car to seam like its tires are some how welded to the road. Ingenious sealed carbon fiber (hell, the whole car is carbon fiber) undercarraige which is in conjunction with the crazy ass "vacuum turbos" in the trunk that exit where the tail lights would be on the stock 599 some how majorly contribute to the whole before mentioned "tires welded to the road" phenomena.
    I used to love the Enzo 'set up' & F1 look & still do but my taste became more refind and cant deny the incredible feeling of a Ferrari V12 up front in the hood and tire roasting rear wheel drive , rather than mid engine like enzo, uts like if its an Italian made WS6…RIP.


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