Buy World’s Most Expensive Vodka and Get a Dartz Prombron for Free!

Monaco 2011 Dartz Prombron L4P Ladies.Only

Dartz and Leo Yankelovich are back with an one-of-a-kind promotion. Buy the world’s most expensive Vodka and get a Dartz Prombron, the brand’s monstorous SUV offering, seemingly for free.

The RussoBaltique Vodka bottle is nothing more than 1,7 liter of Vodka inside a 7,8 kilograms Golden bottle. The drink is best served with RussoBaltique Caviar by Mottra.

For those of you not familiar with the Dartz Prombron SUV check it out our road test right here.

RussoBaltique Caviar

RussoBaltique Vodka



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