Corvette hits the Autobahn

We love the fact that some parts of the German Autobahn are still unlimited. A great example of the possibilities and joy the lack of a speed limit provides is given in the video below.

In this video the owner took his brand new Corvette Z06 to the A2 near Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr Area. Watch his Corvette hits the top speed of a whopping 333km/h or 207mph!

And how does this speed looks from an other point of view? Well, this video gives you the answer.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I’ve been on the Autobahn with all sorts of powerful vehicles and I can assure you, doing 330 Km/h just doesn’t look at all like that.

    Did you note at one stage an older BMW Touring moving over… at 214 Km/H…? No way, José!

    In my view it’s all about a manipulated speedo, that’s all. The speed difference between vans and trucks is freaky at 250 Km/h already, they just woosh by in a flash. Not the case here.

    So, nice try but no cigars ;)


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