Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Crash

The Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardos are known to us all. The twin-turbocharged race monsters produce more than 1,000hp easily.

Last weekend, during the Caffeine and Octane event in Georgia, USA, a black spyder version of the UR Gallardo was crashed after loosing control. In the video below you can see that the crash has nothing to do with speed or whatsoever. People who know the owner state that it was simply bad luck.

Before some smart comments come up like, “needs to learn to drive.” He has owned this sports car for over a year, and his other cars include a rebuilt TT Z06 making 1200whp+.

[Via L4P]

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  1. Haha that’s hilarious! Maybe you should get the tires up to temperature first! Cold tires + 1,000hp=fail! Should have been running toyo r888’s in the first place.

  2. Quote: “Before some smart comments come up like, “needs to learn to drive.” He has owned this for over a year, and his other cars include a built TT C6 Plastic mess-06 making 1200whp+.”

    It doesn’t mean he is a good driver. It means he has money. So no worries for him, he’ll repair it.

  3. It’s tragic to see such a nice car crash. Saying “it’s bad luck” sounds like friends trying not to be harsh with the driver. It’s a driving mistake. He stepped on the throttle and couldn’t control it. it span and hit the curb. Simple as that.

    The driver seems like a nice guy because I know how I would feel if I were in his place. I would have officially lost all of my hair right there. But he stayed calm.

  4. Stepping on the throttle of a stock Gallardo and you can steer your way out of a spin. Stepping on the throttle of a Gallardo with 1,000HP and there is nothing you can do once it goes sideways.

  5. What does this have to do with this man crashing his Gallardo? LoL. When do you ever see an F1 driver crash out of the blue?

  6. in the first minute of the season when chandok crashed the lotus in the very first minute of the very first practice at melbourne.

  7. @Jordan: really? Okay, I guess some people need everything explained to them.
    My point is that everyone makes mistakes, and just because he crashed this one time, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad driver.

  8. You’re leaving out the entire part where the heel on one of his boots came off and caused the crash. There were eyewitnesses who saw the boot and I talked to one of his best friends about it. Let’s get this story straight before misleading people. As for the “plastic mess” line that should say Z06. This was obviously copied and pasted from LP. Lambo Power’s swear filter changes anything Corvette related to “plastic-mess” haha

  9. Driver has years of experience with high powered cars and the tires were sticky after impact. I have to wonder if the suspension failed in the turn, causing it to happen. The frame section that holds the rear A-arm broke away. Years of stress from having triple the horsepower that it was intended to have. The abrasions on the wheel leads me to believe that the curb isn’t what broke the wheel loose. Watch the videos closely.

  10. @Chris,
    That’s because Chandok is an idiot and doesn’t belong in F1.

    What is there to explain? This crash has no direct relation to a Formula 1 driver crashing. You can’t compare the two.

  11. He was probably in the Corsa mode when ESP works late. Having in mind the power increase, too late… This car is forgiving many mistakes. But not all.

  12. Oh man this is just hilarious,look at all those Need for Speed kids trying to cover up that a)Americans dont know how to drive+b)they ruin magic cars.Really whats the point of having a gallardo or a corvette with over 1000bhp?Everyday use?Showing of your money?no.Its different if you have a real hyper car and if you have a super car tuned to the point of puke.@Dave+Chris:dont compare businessman and F1 drivers,whole different breed.Trie UAE if you want to see real supercars in good use.


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