Video Corvette Sebring ALMS Commercial - Just To Be Fair

Corvette was the title sponsor of ABC Sport’s broadcast of the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. Following this endurance race they showed this commercial telling viewers that when they decided to take 638-horsepower Corvette racing, they had to dial back the power just to be fair to Porsche, Ferrari and BMW.

We wonder what the Germans and Italians response has been. Winning the race perhaps? Exactly! BMW Team RLL no. 56 BMW M3 GT, driven by Dirk Muller (DE), Joey Hand (US) and Andy Priaulx (GB) claimed the GT-class victory in the 12-hour race in Sebring after 312 laps last weekend. Dirk Werner (DE), Bill Auberlen (US) and Augusto Farfus (BR) came second with the no. 55 BMW M3 GT, making it a clean sweep for BMW Motorsport in this classic endurance race.

[Via Corvetteblogger]

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  1. The Corvette is fantastic. The interior finish could be better, but its just as good as cars twice the price. And it is – in Z06 or ZR1 clothes – a true supercar.

  2. Naaah! Get rid of the ancient leaf springs suspension and the obsolete pushrod engine first and then we can talk about supercar.

  3. come on….. With all respect not another corvette with same every thing……(front, side, rear and almost every thing is still as the same….) boring boring, we need new CORVETTE, enough is enough what is the matter Chevy? can’t you come up with new concept for this great car and give it the right image for god sake, Nissan Z is better in shape, GTR, please listen to peoples demand.

    I don’t hate the car but it is about time to play big.


  4. Are you serious? Ok ive never owned one but ive driven the porsche gt3 the 458 the new m3 and the zo6 and the z06 was by far the most brutally fast car ive ever driven. These cars for the price point they hit are an incredible value. On another note Ive never seen anywhere where Chevy trys to refer to the z06 or the zr1 as a supercar. In fact out of the entire gt2 class the ferrari is the only one that can really be considered a true supercar.
    And for you idiots who want to continue to badmouth an awesome car.
    heres the standings:
    1 BMW 30 30
    2 Chevrolet 23 23
    3 Porsche 18 18
    4 Ford 14 14
    5 Ferrari 13 13

  5. @Shawn haha yeah man this car was killing it just off to a slightly rough start they’ll be back on top again in a couple of races

  6. It is not the speed……….!!I can beat any car with a junk tuned car.

    It is the Quality, I am talking about the look, finishing, other meaning CLASS.

    Buy a brand new Corvette and a Brand new BMW….. then look at them after 2 years, I am sure you will notice the difference…



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