How Not To Park Your Audi R8 V10 Spyder!

Parking a supercar can be a difficult task. We have seen numerous occassions in which inexperienced drivers were unable to park their vehicle properly.

The same happened when this owner tried to park his white Audi R8 V10 Spyder in a parking garage. Somehow he/she managed to hit the pilar at a reserved spot. Just an epic fail!

[Via Failblog]

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  1. Its a shame that some people are even allowed to own these wonderful cars. There should be some other criteria to purchase other than a credit check. Might as well have bought an old Yugo and treated it like this.

  2. happened to me already, sometimes you need to make mistakes, for it not to happen again. goes with many things (business, relationships, driving etc.).

  3. Again, the “GT Spirit” in us all should prevent us from making disparaging comments that rooted in jealousy. Its damaged. It was dumb. But it was a woman? And he shouldn’t be allowed to have it? Should require more than Credit checks? lol

    Tsk tsk. Chances are, its paid for. Chances are its a man. Chances are it was a new owner or a drunk one. Either way, let’s just laugh, hope the insurance company covers it and they are back on the road soon.

    If you want your very own Audi to wreck, simply plan it and achieve it. We won’t even make fun of you if your own credentials are your great credit.

  4. hahaha fail who ever did this either had to pee real bad or had enough of having everyone taking up the spots and thought to oneself “Ok F*** it i am going to park my car and that’s that!”


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