Bugatti Veyron

For many supercar enthusiasts, owning a Bugatti is a dream. But with a price tag of € 1,000,000 excluding taxes actually owning a Veyron is only for a small group of people within reach.

The initial price to buy it is just the start. After you receive the keys you will be forced to think about insurance, service, wear and tear and depreciation. The normal service of a Veyron is a routine annual maintenance that costs the owners € 15,000. In comparison you can service your Ferrari Enzo eight times in a year for the same price. The routine maintenance includes a check of all fluids, but is primarily an inspection of the car to ensure it can continue to withstand the pressure of speeds up to 400km/h.

Second you will need a new set of tires which are quite expensive at € 23,800 a set every 4,000 km. Even worse is the expected cost of € 36,000 every 16,000 km for a new set of wheels on top of the tire costs.

And you will also have to insure your Veyron and in many countries you have to pay road tax. The insurance alone can be € 2,800 a month! Despite the high maintenance and insurance costs you can be proud to drive one of the most expensive and exclusive cars on the market today.

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  1. I would say that’s a freaking rip-off. I mean you buy a car worth 1.000.000 and they won’t check the minor stuff like fluids for free? Ok someone who drives a Veyron has some 10.000 in his purse but still I would call them thieves. >:(

  2. Yet more reasons why the veyron is a pretentious and ridiculous car. Car enthusiasts don’t buy these, ego enthusiasts do.

  3. I agree with Njave,an Arab business man in UAE wont have great problems with a few thousand dollars every month,the guys are earning millions in that time so it ain’t such a great price for them.Is the SS service more expensive?

  4. Actualy I know a man who bought one back in 2005. He sold it after 6 months because of the maintenance cost. Classic case of ego maniac with not enough money :D

  5. Most Bugatti owners do not put that many miles on there car. So a set of tires will probably last a few years. If you hardly drive the car then your not going to pay the annual maintenance fee.

  6. Taking the basic costs…

    A service on a £1,000,000 Bugatti Veyron is £15,000 – That’s 0.15% if the actual cost of the car.

    A service on a £11,295 Honda Jazz S is £500 – That’s 0.44% of the actual cost of the car.

    The Honda service is equivalent to £44,000 on a Veyron! Whereas the Veyron service would be just £132 on a Honda. No such a rip off now?


    Plus Bugatti monitor your Veyron 24/7 from their HQ. Ensuring all your fluids/pressures etc.. are ok on a day-to-day basis. Honda will just screw you over every few years for your trouble.

  7. additinally the urban cycle consumption is 40+ l/100km.
    these figures are taken from owners manual…
    it’s really inconvinient… you have to top up your veyron almost twice a day.

  8. Matt that is the most screwed up logic. Its only .15% of the cost of the car because the car is way overpriced. But hey you and your little calculator have fun.

    “The routine maintenance includes a check of all fluids, but is primarily an inspection of the car to ensure it can continue to withstand the pressure of speeds up to 400km/h”

    So they are checking fluids anyway, then they are “checking the car to make sure it can withstand 400 kmh speeds. So they are just checking to make sure the car hasn’t fallen apart to the point where you will be unsafe driving at 250 mph. All of this is just ridiculous.

    A. Where can you drive this fast
    B. Does anyone ever really drive this fast
    C. Isn’t driving this fast inherently dangerous
    D. They need to check this each year?

    Theres nothing wrong with ego but this is not a gearheads car.

  9. The people that buy these cars are cash rich they don’t care about throwing a 100 grand on service a year. We’re talking about the billionaires of the world. You guys are just normal individuals probably earning on the max side 50k a year and this isn’t your league. Only guys earning 50 grand a week can look at these motors. stick to your bmws and mercedes still nice cars.


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