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The AMG Driving Academy is a series of events which started in 2007 and where people can improve their driving skills and learn to fully use the potential of their AMG Mercedes.

The AMG Driving Academy training courses take place on some legendary racing circuits in Europe, such as the Nürburgring, the Hockenheimring or Spa-Francorchamps. The newly opened Red Bull Ring in Spielberg (Austria) is also included in the list of tracks which host the AMG Driving Academy. Special events for AMG fans from the USA and China will also be held at such racing circuits as the Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta Racetrack, Lime Rock Park, the Shanghai International Circuit and the Zhuhai International Circuit. Due to increasing demand, AMG is also preparing tailor-made events for Japan and Canada too.

For the 2011 season, participants can experience the new SLS AMG GT3 for themselves. This programme consists of four stages: Experience, Warm-Up, Training and Competition. During the Experience stage, participants start with the road going version of the SLS AMG to benefit from some driving guidance. Then they take the wheel of the SLS AMG GT3 for themselves, and are again guided safely around the race track by a lead vehicle. After this, the participants step into the passenger seat and are driven by an experienced professional racing driver to enjoy a few quick laps around the circuit, all of which is captured on video.

The second stage is Warm Up, where the participants are given a detailed theory-based introduction to the technology and controls of the SLS AMG GT3. The participants receive a fitness check and are able to get familiar with the race version of the SLS AMG. The second stage further covers aspects like acceleration, braking, chancing gear, overtaking and other handling exercises. Participants who are living in Germany have the chance to acquire a national licence by the German Motor Sport Federation.

The third stage is Training where the SLS AMG GT3 vehicles are initially driven on sports tyres, after which they are switched over to slick tyres without profile. The participants train with an experienced personal trainer who can be booked on an hourly base. The focus lies squarely on the systematic enhancement of personal skills as well as cornering techniques, perfect braking, acceleration and changing gear. Professional data and video recordings are also used for consistent improvement of race track driving technique.

The final stage is Competition, which is expected to start in at the end of 2012. After a training session which is specific to the race circuit being used, the participants will complete initial assessment tests, followed by individual and team competitions. Participants can take part in all Masters events using either the SLS AMG GT3 vehicles which are made available or driving their own vehicles.

While there are no particular requirements for taking part in the Experience stage, when it comes to the Warm-Up, Training and Competition stages, participants have to complete appropriate race track training sessions. Prices for SLS AMG GT3 Masters events start at € 1500.

Delivery of the SLS AMG GT3 will commence in March 2011. The sales price will be € 334,000 excluding taxes or in Germany, € 397,460, including 19% VAT. For more information, visit the AMG website.

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