A few days ago Brabus showed a teaser of what appeared to be the new Rocket, but now the German tuner has released a new teaser of a matt grey Brabus SLS and one picture of the Smart based Ultimate. No further details regarding these cars have been revealed. It will be interesting to speculate, so shall this Brabus SLS be powered by a 800hp biturbo V12?

These cars will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show where Brabus will show a couple of sensational world premieres and innovative new products. So please stay tuned for more news from Geneva!


  1. The SLS Widebody AND the Smart Ultimate were both on the Essen Motorshow last year, just in different colours. So what exactly is new on these two? The colour?

  2. Erhm… perhaps the engine? Brabus is working on some new cars so a SLS V12 could be a possibility. It fit perfect is the list of Brabus’ supercars with V12: Rocket, Bullit, Black Baron, E V12, G V12, S V12R, GLK V12 etc. Just a couple of days and we’ll know.

  3. An SLS with the Zonda 7.3l engine would be awesome. :D
    The Brabus Smart is IMO one of the most stupid ideas I’ve ever seen but the car seems to be rather popular. I still don’t see the point of it. xD


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