Video Speeding in a McLaren F1

The quality is not the best we have seen, but the video shows a McLaren F1 driving 200+ km/h en route to Monte Carlo for the Historic Grand Prix.

The McLaren F1 was the worlds fastest production car with a top speed of 386km/h in 1995. The speed was achieved with a 6.1 liter V12 from BMW creating 627bhp. Sprint time from stand still to 100km/h is only 3.2 seconds.

That record last for 10 years, until on February 28th 2005 the record got broken by a Koenigsegg CCR that managed to reach a topspeed of 387km/h on the Italian Nardo circuit. Since 2005 the speed records got smashed by the Bugatti Veyron with 407km/h, the Koenigsegg CCXR with 409km/h, the Aero SSC with 414km/h and the Veyron Super Sport with a top speed of 434km/h.


  1. Just wanted to point out this F1 is actually exceeding 320 kph (or 200 mph) In fact, he’s travelling roughly 210 mph at one point.

    200 mph registers on the speedometer in an F1 when the needle is pointed straight up. Look closely and you’ll see it goes past that in this video.



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