Video BMW M Customers Visit "Area 51"

Miramas is a place in the south of France. It is BMW’s area 51, isolated, guarded and strictly confidential. For one day it granted exceptional access to unusual visitors: An exclusive group of BMW M’s best customers. The footage shows their experience.


  1. Hi, my names BMW. I have a pretty bad racing history but my buyers dont pay attention to motorsports so who cares? I really hope they never find out about porsche or corvette though.

    Hahaha BMW M require so many modifications after you buy them to make it a contender you might as well buy another car.

  2. Well if i have to choose between a Corvette or and BMW M car. I wound not hesitate a second and chose a BMW.
    Does racing make car better? Think BMW wins i most test against Mercedes AMG and i there racing history are not that bad?


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