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While on this side of the Atlantic its already monday, the US is getting ready for episode 7 of Top Gear USA that airs yesterday Sunday, Jan 2, 10pm PST. In this episode Rutledge and Adam race the new Honda CRZ against extreme mountain bikers through San Francisco. Tanner, Adam and Rutledge become used car salesmen and Tim Allen hits the test track.

From those of you who have seen this episode and/or the previous six, we would like to hear what you think about it in the comments below!


  1. It will never get on the top gear UK level.
    The US version somehow looks cheap and … brainless … but it is understandable … it is US version … aka thick

  2. @shawn:

    Julio is totally right, theres nothing that can be a match for UK TG, its fun in every way and doesnt feel forced- like the US version which is(looks) just like a cheap copy with three wannabe clarkson, may and hammond…..

  3. they arent trying to be hammond and clarkson at all though, thats whats good about it.

    top gear aussie tried and failed hard.

    for the last 4 seasons top gear UK has been shit. waste of time. hardly any cars in them. just them mucking around in very predictable fashion.

    the US is actually the car show. i love it

  4. I watched episode 4 and 6 yesterday and although there are boring bits it’s certainly enjoyable. I think it’s unnecessary to have at least one challenge every episode like the raptor vs sky diver or Miami to Key West as they are way to scripted and always result in a photo finish.

    The Morgan review was good and brought back the feeling of a proper car show. Every episode should at least contain one proper review like that without interference of any fancy scripted challenge.

  5. I’m sorry, but I realy don’t like that UK vs. US rivalry. This is stupid ‘couse it’s not about the TG tv show, it’s about your patriotism guys. Even in the show Rutledge don’t miss ocasion to joke about UK. J.C. do the same about US. And now you bring it here. I’m not american or british so I’m dispassionate. But as a viewer I realy can say TG UK is way better than TG US. They both have some realy stupid moments, but US’s just looks fake and staged. It’s not that unconstrained like UK’s. About car show vs. comedy they both are some kind of mix between the two. So if you realy whant to watch car show you are looking the wrong tv show. TG is all about funny and ridiculous scenes involving cars and car tests involving fuuny and ridiculous scenes. If you don’t like it or don’t understand it, stop whatching it

  6. i agree with you des, what made top gear in the first place was the good ol car reviews , not challenges and trips. i want the car show back not a comedy show.

    @kris_vd :

    no , top gear is a car show, that is what made them famous. i can see you’re just someone who got attached not long ago. now the UK team are just a joke.

  7. @shawn, I watch TopGear since 10 years ago. And I have been watched many old episodes and I am completely familiar with the show and its history. But what made it the most popular tv show in the world is exactly this format since 2002. Like everything in the world TG is changing. The cars are not like they use to be and the car shows are not the same anymore. I’m sorry that so many people can’t adapt to the new, but I like TopGear exactly as it’s now. If you want car reviews watch Fifth Gear. Wait a minute! They are not like before either. They make some very crazy stuffs too. Sory guys! No car shows for you.


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