Dallas Performance C6 ZO6

Dallas Performance is a new tuner in our line-up of stires. They outfitted a Corvette C6 with a twin turbo resulting in a stunning output of 1,250 whp!

Dallas Performance installed a custom made twin turbo kit, LSX Block with Performance Induction LS3 Heads, single plane intake and RC 120 Injectors, TR-6060 Transmission with C6 differential, an exhaust with B&B PRT Mufflers, carbon fiber rims delivered by 360° Forged, Wilwood Calipers and a set of speed adapted tires.

Please scroll down and find out more details about the TT C6 and see it doing a dyno run!

[Via L4P]

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  1. I believe there is a typo and this is not actually a Z06, but instead a C6 Corvette outfitted with the TT setup by Dallas performance
    reasons to believe it is a C6 (not Z06)
    -no Z06 on speedometer
    -no scoop on hood
    -no badging (could obviously be taken off by customer)
    -and willwood calipers but not full big brake set up??….o


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