Zenvo ST1

Auto Salon Singen is known for its big collection of supercars they have for sale. Every now and then they also have hypercars in their showroom.

Recently they have added the Danish Zenvo ST1 to their collection. The 1104hp Danish supercar is listed for € 892,500 including VAT.

Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1

[Via Autogespot]


  1. 8months ago the zenvo was the biggest hit,the hottest thing on the road and then it just dissapeared,maybe it was covered up by the new veyron ss

  2. As a Dane i’m very proud of the car, it runs so sweet! and i think that it is one og the most beautiful cars on the market right now, i must say that i would sells my Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan GTR and Ferrari F40 to own that car! but i cant find it anywhere! The Zenvo ST1 is so much more bad ass than a Bugatti Veyron !

  3. to start of let me just say lamborghini man that this car has been in the blueprints way before lexus with the lfa so get your sh** straight… and this car aint ugly its i piece of art, a davinci of modern day. now the veyron.. that my friend, is an ugly car. looks like a beetle on steroids


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