Ginetta G55

Last Friday, Ginetta send us the first sketches of their brand new Ginetta G55 supercar. The car is said to debut at the Autosport International event on January 13th. Details on the Ginetta G55 aren’t known right now but the company did mention that the G55 will develop 370bhp from its 3.7 liter Ford engine.

The G55’s engine will be coupled with a Hewland gearbox and a cool air induction kit. Other extras in the Ginetta G55 include uprated front and rear brakes, a new exhaust system and the cool body kit you see in the sketches. It improves the overall aerodynamics of the supercar. Prices start at £ 75,000 (€ 88,300, $ 117,000).

Ginetta G55



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