Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin’s most expensive road car ever, the One-77, has almost sold out. Untill today there are only 22 examples that haven’t found an owner yet. Early next year the first car will be build with a delivery date somewhere in the Summer of 2011. The few lucky people who bought one will have the ability to test drive it next month. That is at least something for their 1.2 million pounds.

To bring the production to a successful end, Aston Martin has asked for the help of Coventry Prototype Panels, known from their amazing work they creating Spyker cars as we know them. Full production will take place at the headquarters in Gaydon, UK.


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  1. usually cars like this are sold out in 5 mins no matter how rediculous the price. so when this has 22 left, after all this time. you know its really ridiculous. aston have overdone themselves


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