Zenvo Plans Three Extra Supercars 480x280

The Danish Zenvo ST1 is heading to the US. The distributor in the States, Red Sea, has revealed the pricing for the turbocharged 1,104-horsepower V8 powered supercar. For $ 1,125 million it is yours.

The true supercar has a top speed of 375km/h (233mph) and a sprint of 0-100km/h (62mph) is done in under three seconds.

Worldwide dealers for the Zenvo are being selected at this moment, but no time frame has been announced for delivery. Only fifteen of the cars are being made each year.


  1. Anyone that pays $1Million for a car with no track history, built by a company with no financial stability, designed by a hodge podge of designers with no pedigree, powered by a readily available Corvette engine – is a fool. This is like taking a Corvette ZR1, tacking on $880,000 and reselling it.

    Complete lunacy.

  2. Agreed with Authority. They should price it like a Noble and sell it as a turn key or build it yourself car. It is a cool design, but for 1.125 million you could buy an Enzo or a few S7s.


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