1985 288 GTO World's Fastest Ferrari at 275.4mph

A team from the States, called P4 by Norwood, is claiming the title World’s Fastest Ferrari with a record run of 275.4mph averaged over two sprints set at the Bonneville Salt Flats. To achieve this goal they used a 1985 288 Ferrari GTO and beat out the previous record holder by just over three mph.

The record runs took place Friday and Saturday, Oct. 8-9. The Ferrari features a 540-cubic-inch big-block Chevy engine with twin turbochargers that develop between 2,000 and 2,500 horsepower.

[Via Seattlepi]

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  1. Well, impressive, but why oh why did they used the very rare and exclusive 288 GTO”with a Chevy-engine? For most ‘Ferraristi’ this is sacrilege.

  2. Wait.. Its just a car, like if you change a Nissan’s engine, nobody starts to think its wrong. Like that, it is a car. Although it is a great car and all, but still I dont understand your reactions.

  3. This is one of those day when people prove they know very little about automotive history and the pioneers of engine performance.

    Norwood has been providing Ferraris with big-block chevy engines since the 1980s – because American Ferrari owners were getting tired of their $100K cars stopping on highways and breaking down after 1,000km. A small group of older Middle-eastern buyers exist as well – as these cars did much better in the desert than stock Ferraris.

    They have built several GTOs with Chevy engines and all of them are beastly. And everyone of them is a collector’s item.

    In short, Norwood did what Ferrari failed to do, some say continues to fail to do – create reliable supercars.

    GTOs are the greatest Ferraris ever made. True enough. But Norwood made a version that can go 50-100,000km and get serviced at nearly any dealership in the world. Ferrari has yet to do so.

  4. ^^^ Good post. Thanks for the info. I read it up, because I thought too a Chevy-block in a Ferrari was very very strange. Now I know.

    Thanks for the education.

  5. No problem. If you google Norwood, you should find pics of lots of their Ferraris. I’ve seen 328s, GTOs, Testarossa’s, you name it. Only thing I’ve never seen them convert is a F40 or F50. They’ve even done Dinos! They are a top notch crew of professionals, with an excellent reputation.

    If I had one complaint it would be that their wheel packages have always struck me as ugly. lol

  6. its got a chevy engine so its not the fastest ferrari and it probably took the hole saltflat to get to that speed with the wind going with it lol…UR gallardo and Heffners Ford GT would kill it easy

  7. I’m chuckling at the amount of people commenting that have their heads up old man Ferrari’s cold, dead ass. It’s a Ferrari, sure, but it’s just a car. It’s also a Norwood. DEAL WITH IT.


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