Yellow Bugatti Veyron at Rodeo Drive Los Angeles

Tonight we received this photo of a yellow with black Bugatti Veyron. Yellow is a color that we usually only see on Italian exotics with Ferrari or Lamborghini badges but the owner of this Bugatti Veyron had his Bugatti done in a two-tone yellow / black, and even the wheels are finished in yellow. The customization doesn’t stop there; the icon of the owner has been airbrushed on the bonnet.

Yellow Bugatti Veyron

Apparently the owner of this Bugatti Veyron likes yellow as the yellow Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead shown below was seen parked at the very same spot on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles as the Bugatti Veyron. It makes us wonder: What is the best color to start a supercar collection in?


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