Video Bugatti Veyron Crash During Test Drive

Via our forum we came across the following video showing a Bugatti Veyron driven by its future ‘owner’ or shall we say ‘destroyer’. The guy inside the car was planning a test drive when he pulled back and crashed the $ 1.6 million hypercar into the rear bumper of a family car passing by.

If you listen closely, you can also hear him scrape the front end on his way down and then up the sidewalk. The video does not show the amount of damage caused by the crash, but by the looks of it something is terribly wrong.

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  1. this topic is @ also they say that damage is 20 000 punds, insane, cause i think that the price of that family car is lower than 20k :D

  2. ohhhh no…in my opinion is the bugatti veyron the best car ever.i sat 2 days ago in a same bugatti like on the video.i´ll never forget this day.

  3. I think that sales people could do better here and that girl was sleeping or doing her makeup because the yellow car was already miles away. 20000 is probably a spit for guy testing that car.

  4. Im sure it has a skid plate underneath the front bumper. most supercars have them. the guy should have just kept backing up and not gone up the driveway again. it looks like thats at bentley of manhattan

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