Corvette C7 Rumours Denied

It seems there will be another twist to the rumours we keep hearing about a mid-engined Corvette. Karl Stracke, General Motors Vice President of Global Engineering, has officially denied the rumours hold any truth.

In an interview with Automotive News and Autoweek Stracke said “The rumors and speculation about the Corvette are just that. There are no mid-engine plans.” He also confirming that there would not be a V6 Corvette and that the apparent development of a wet dual-clutch transmission was also a fabrication.

When pressed on the subject of hybrid’s however, Stracke admitted that such a car might eventually exist. Talking more generally about hybrids, Stracke was quoted saying “Porsche has announced a full hybridization for their complete lineup. What can they do? They need it to meet CAFÉ rules… You could keep a normal powertrain configuration for a small amount of very excited car enthusiasts, and turn 80 to 90 percent of your sports-car portfolio to hybridization.”

[Via Autoweek]

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  1. Great news. There always seem to be rumours of a mid engined format whenever a new corvette is due. Not sure about the hybridization idea though – can imagine it would result in a higher market price …

  2. trying to compete with the 911 and other European models is a bad mistake for GM. Stick to what they best which is the front engined design trust me


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