Lexus LFA

Let’s face it when we first heard about the plans from Lexus allowing customers in the US only to lease the LFA on a two-year lease plan, we were stunned. More surprising was the fact that the total amount of $ 300,000 had to be paid in advance as part of the program. The only reason Lexus came up with this plan was the fact that no on could purchase the car and then resell it for a profit.

It now seems that Lexus USA has changed its plans. They will now sell the supercar, but only after an ‘unique’ contract has been signed by the customers. The legal paper holds the first right of the dealership to buy back the vehicle within the two-year period. A bit of an improvement but still ridiculous.

But that is not the whole story! If you even try to sell the car without the dealer’s knowledge, the dealership has the right to be compensated for the difference between what the buyer originally paid for the car and what he sold it for. Damn…

Anybody still interested?



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