Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise Tried to Unmask The Stig

Perhaps you have seen episode 5 of Top Gear Season 15 on Sunday or yesterday evening. Both Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise were at the show to set a time in the Kia Cee’d. While filming their laps on the Top Gear racetrack, both movie starts tried to wrest off Stig’s helmet.

Stig came to Diaz’s aid when the Kia conked out at one point. In return she tried to remove the mysterious driver’s headgear.

Cruise described the experience as being a lot of fun. “I like fast cars and motorcycles – I’ve always loved them since I was a kid,” he said. Diaz admitted she was finding it difficult to keep their scores a secret. “We did timed laps. It’s very exciting – we know the score and we want to tell everybody, but we can’t because we want them to watch the show,” she said.

So even unveiling the lap times is a set up… That is kinda interesting!

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  1. hmm….. i guess they are actors and are able to act being surprised about their times?

    and also the snowmobile race was fake too. biggest fake in top gear history

    so rubbish when you can see them cruising along each other with the car in front filming them. how is that a race? :(

    they should stick to testing new cars, i mean thats what got them famous in the first place isnt it?

  2. You got 5th Gear for that then. Top Gear has never apologized being scipted or as a comedic show even non-auto lovers could watch.

  3. You guys if you don’t like it just watch something else (ie: cooking shows, HGTV, etc) nobody ever force you to watch. I love Top Gear and hope they keep going for a long time…


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