Toyota Plans All-electric Super Sports Car

Mercedes and Audi have been the first in the world to showcase their electric versions of a supercar. The full electric R8 E-tron and SLS AMG E-Cell prototypes are being developed and tested at this moment ahead of their official debuts in the upcoming years. Toyota will be the third major brand to develop all-electric super sports car, possibly with help from its new partner, Tesla.

An insider close to Toyota told MotorTrend that plans have been put in motion to develop a supercar that would rival the E-Cell and E-tron. Expected power output is 500hp making a sprint from zero to 100km/h (62mph) possible in under four seconds.

Like the other two prototypes, the Toyota or Lexus prototype will have four electric motors, one at each wheel. It will include a switch that allows drivers to select between driving programs such as comfort, sport and super sport.

The official debut will be around 2015 borrowing undisclosed know-how from Tesla and utilize aerodynamic expertise gained from the Lexus LFA project.


  1. These electric ‘Super cars’ are starting to piss me off.All this is Tesla’s fault because they thought that an electric sports car would be a clever idea.I would rather buy an LFA instead of this car,i would rather get an Audi R8 5.2 than the E-tron and the normal silver SLS is much better than a green SLS E-cell.

  2. They should put that money to create a simple electric car for cities all over the world. Nobody normal wants an electric supercar and that pricetag.


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