Video Summer in London is Supercar Heaven

It is Summer and that means London is supercar heaven. A large group of Arabian supercar owners shipped their vehicles to the United Kingdom to escape the humid and hot weather in the Middle East. They are now enjoying a well deserved holiday followed by ‘car paparazzi’, also referred to as car spotters.

We collected a small series of videos from YouTube showing you some of the best looking and most special vehicles currently in London.


  1. Hello guys, I´m from Brazil and have been to France and England last month.
    I´ve seen some supercars with Arab license plates but didn´t quite understood this things:
    – How they get there? I don´t think they drive from Dubai, Qatar or any other city, till there.
    – How they pay any tax or fine? Some plates had only arab caracters…

  2. @Ed,

    the cars are transported by plane to the UK. The people come over because Arabia is too humid and hot now. They are so rich that they move one or two cars to the UK to drive in the UK. It is not a problem to drive the cars in the UK. As long as you live in another country you are allowed to have a holiday in the UK with your personal car.

  3. @MR

    Lol… we can´t beat this guys, can we?! :)
    I thought that they sent the cars by plane but didn´t figured out that all that “operation” would last just for a few days…
    money… some have it.. some don´t. :)
    Thanks MR!

  4. best video i´ve ever seen.if i´m there to this thime i think i have my first heart attack with 20…i love it!!!


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