Goodwood Moving Motor Show Accident

It seems that the Moving Motor Show at Goodwood yesterday did not go entirely smoothly. These pictures show the aftermath of an accident involving a Mugen Civic Type R and the Jaguar Hospitality area.

A Goodwood spokesperson was quoted as saying:

At 12.40 today an incident occurred within the exhibition hall at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show when a driver of a slow-moving car black out, lost control of his vehicle and injured four people.

Fortunately, none of the four people have suffered any major injuries. The worst of the damage appears to have been inflicted on the aforementioned Mugen Civic Type R the earliest known example of the Jaguar E-Type.

[Via Autocar]

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  1. Maybe Mugen increased secretly the Torque of the Civic TypeR or some stupid who does not know how to operate a manual gearbox was moving the car.

  2. Tell that to my 7 year old daughter who was hit by Honda and if i had
    not reacted fast enough would have been under the wheels we had only
    just arrived at show when said driver smashed into jag infront of us
    that we were looking in windows banging into my daughter as i picked
    her up and jumpt to side as he revved up and tore through stand into
    window she was histerical and we had to leave straight away and take
    her home as she was petrified that she would be hit by a car again.
    My wife recieved brusing to knee and foot as she struggled to save my
    daughter as well.

    Todate even after contacting Jaguar, Honda, Goodwood as well as
    police I have not had any one call to see how she is. Or to take our

  3. David, i hope your daughter and your wife are ok. I was there on the Thursday also and saw the aftermath of the ”incident”.

    It was an unfortunate event, to which luckily i was personally not caught up in, and it was a shame that this happened.

    I wish you well and hope that your daughter will recover quickly as i can imagine how shook up she could of been, one positive tho is that it could of been alot worse, and thank god it wasnt!

  4. David, you seem to have cut and pasted the same comment into every news article about this incident on the internet. Your additional comments on Piston heads seem a little suspicious and I suggest other readers have a look there.


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