South Korean Supercar On Its Way

The Spirra is the latest member in the world of supercars. The Korean built supercar is set to launch this summer after nine years of development and the first time the Proto Motors PS-II prototype was revealed.

It is rear-drive and mid-engined. Its body is made from carbon fiber, which encloses a spaceframe. The weight of the vehicle is unknown.

The engine used is a Hyundai-sourced 2.7 liter petrol engine. It will be available in four configurations; the standard engine has 173bhp and 181lb-ft of torque, alternatively it can be turbocharged to 325bhp and 347lb-ft or 414bhp and 361lb-ft. The fourth version is a twin turbo variant offering 493bhp and 398lb-ft.

The V6 engine matted to a six-speed manual gearbox and the quickest version goes from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.5 seconds.

Prices are unknown at this stage.

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  1. 1. Hyundai powertrain? I’ll pass.
    2. Body is composite of about 4 other cars, including new McLaran.

    Verdict? Terribly boring, possibly unreliable and unsafe.

  2. For the F### sake, Hyundai engine??? Got to be kiding, even if it is cheeper than a Kit car ill buy the kit car.

  3. up to 4ok (it won’t be that cheap, most likely in the 70-80 range)this could be a decent car…..The design is pretty boring performance figures are good, but Hyundai?

  4. Front end booriiiiiing!!Lotus Evora,McLaren MP4-12C,Tesla Roadster…Just old carmakers are true supercars,all new ones are just retarder try’s of some rich stupid peole

  5. I dont understand why theres so much hate, with the addition of each “genuine high-end sportscar” into the mix helps increase the bar of whats expected. Sure its Korean, sure its got a Hyundai, but what if? just what if it turns out to be good?? You’re gonna hate on it just cause its from Korea? I prefer an Italian masterpiece over this as much as the next guy, but thinking that its impossible for something decent to come out from Korea is wrong I believe.

  6. sorry to add another comment .. granted this design does look dated and somewhat oddly proportioned, there are stepping stones to reach the high levels were accustomed to, I’m not saying for us to lower the bar and accept this as something awesome blabla, but rather see if they can improve on it as time goes by.

  7. Looks too much like a Lotus, but nice specs, since it will prob be under 100k.
    If Toyota is building supercars, I can’t bee too surprised that Hyundai is also.

  8. Lotus uses Toyota Camry engines, I’m sure these Koreans didnt spend the tonnes of money on a startup to use an engine that wont rival say even a Boxster.

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    Best Regards


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