Bugatti Veyron SS Rumours

Ok, so we have been wrong about the release of such a car in the past. It seems however, that the rumours have surfaced once more, suggesting that Bugatti could use the Paris Motor Show as a platform for the launch of a new 1200bhp Supersport model for the Veyron range.

The rumours are most likely spurred on by the fast approaching end of the Veyron’s production run. It is suggested that only thirty examples will be produced each carrying a price tag somewhere in the region of € 1.5 million ($ 1.8M or £ 1.25M). We will let you know if we hear any additional information.

[Via Autoblog, Pistonheads]

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  1. i hear the same thing couple of weeks ago.i was in the salon of bugatti in berlin and the saler say that the last bugatti veyron´s have the 1200 hp motor.


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