World Cup Cars

We have been hearing of a few nationalistic individuals who have taken full advantage of the opportunity to show some support for the English football squad in the World Cup 2010. Here are a couple of examples for you to mull over. Is it patriotic or just plain overkill? You decide…

If you have spotted any other examples we would also like to know, just contact us via the tab at the top.

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  1. If you play for the team and you own a Zonda, I could pass it by, assuming you display it like in front of a stadium over there, otherwise.. its going too far -_-

  2. Both is cool but the flags are for us normal people… ;)
    The English wrap looks great on the Zonda.
    The only problem we Germans have is that wrapping the car in black, red and gold stripes looks kind of stupid so we stay with the flags on the windows and of course the new car bikinis. ;-)

  3. And there I was, thinking none of our delightful and gentlemanly English footballers were classy enough to have a Zonda. And yet here it is covered in all that rubbish. If he wanted to be patriotic, why not paint it McLaren Formula 1 livery?


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