Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition

Nismo has announced a new special edition Nissan GT-R for the Japanese market. It will be called “Club Track Edition” and it is designed for the track. The main features are a stripped out interior, racing seats, six-point seatbelt, racing steering wheel, a roll cage and adjustable Bilstein suspension. The new 20 inch Rays forged wheels borrowed from the SpecV are wrapped in slick tyres.

This car is a joint venture between Nissan, Nismo, NOVA Engineering and Nordring and owners, who will be able to buy these cars shortly, will become part of a Nissan sanctioned Sports Club. The idea is that these members will participate in driver training, track days and other such events.

Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition 01

Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition 02


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