'Iron Man 2' Destroyes Two Identical Phantoms

According to Wheels NY Times, two identical Rolls-Royce Phantoms were trashed by the filmmakers of Iron Man 2. Each car costing up to $ 438,000. The remains were spotted by photographer Jerry Garrett at a prop storage facility in Downey, California US.

Karen Vondermeulen of Rolls-Royce North American stated:

Yes, we did make two Phantoms for the film, though, I am not sure if we can say 100 percent we have never made two identical cars before.

For those who saw the movie already, there is a small difference between the two luxury cars. One has a optional coolbox in the back, the other doesn’t.

The sequence in which one of the Phantoms was used, was filmed in Monaco. The other one was filmed in the States, because Formula One’s chief executive, Bernie Ecclestone, overruled the decision of filming the effect of a Phantom being cut to pieces at the Formula 1 track in the Principaute.



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