2011 Maybach Facelift

New information has been unveiled concerning the facelifted Maybach range ahead of its official debut during the Beijing Motor Show on Friday. The upgrades include power improvements and design changes, exterior as well as interior.

On the technical side the Germans increased the power to both the 57S and 62S models. The V12 engine now produces 18bhp more, at 457bhp. The standard models are still powered by the 542bhp engine. Of course, they also improved fuel economy for all engines.

On the subject of styling, the changes include a new chrome radiator grille, which varies in look between the standard 57 and 62 models and the S variants, plus a redesigned bonnet, a reshaped front bumper, modified door mirrors and a new rear light design. The car’s length improved up to 11mm and 17mm to its width. The standard cars get new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels, while the S models get 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels. According to Maybach, the luxury limousine is more aerodynamic, reducing interior wind noise.

New features available for the interior include hand-braided or crystal-encrusted seat piping, a 19 inch rear screen, a perfume atomiser and a wireless internet function. Long-wheelbase models get a electrotransparent panoramic glass sunroof, which has a liquid crystal membrane that makes the glass transparent or opaque at the push of a button.

A camera can now broadcast an all-round view from the car to rear seat screens, showing passengers what’s happening around the car without them having to look through the centre of the vehicle (so occupants can avoid being seen), or lower a privacy screen between them and the driver. In addition, the reclining rear seat previously available only in the Maybach 62 will be available in the 57 range.

2011 Maybach Facelift 01


  1. The new front grille just looks right on this chauffeur car. Maybach would not shut down if the prices are a little bit lowered by like $100,000, and also they need advertisement on this car. I beg you Maybach, don’t shut down, I will buy one 62 S in the near future.

  2. Mercedes didn’t get it! If they wanted to compete with Rolls Royce they had to make an entire new design, not a Mercedes based design!


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